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How My Coaching Can Help You

I have found coaching unlocked my full potential, and want to do the same for you. When we talk through our goals, motivations, and belief about ourself, we are reminded of the why behind our actions. While there is so much more to coaching, those simple reminders can make a world of difference in our lives, and are just a few of the tools I use to help you unlock your full potential.

Goal Setting

Discover what you really want to achieve instead of settling for what others tell you. Use your strengths to reach farther than you imagined, without letting your weaknesses hold you back


Find out what is holding you back and get clarity on how to move forward. Stop settling for barely making it and discover how to thrive in your own way, not the neurotypical way.

Self Confidence

Learn how to unlock your beautiful brain, and watch your confidence soar. Unmask the negative voices telling you lies about your worth and meaning.

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From Distracted to Focused

I am committed to guiding adults with ADHD towards successful, proven ways of successfully navigating the challenges of ADHD while leveraging their strengths.

Together, you will learn how to thrive in a neurotypical world by understanding what works for you, instead of trying to change who you are.

As a coach and fellow ADHDer, I have seen the power of coaching in my own life. Honest, kind, and fiercely compassionate coaching transformed my life, and I am committed to seeing that same transformation in your life as well.

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What Clients Are Saying

We measure our success on our clients success.

As a person who has wrestled with the effects of ADD my whole life, it's incredibly helpful to receive sage advice from someone who has accumulated many tools to create a successful and thriving lifestyle. I love how he understands neurodivergence on a deeper level, and adapts to my needs in our sessions!

Caleb Jackson

Media Specialist

I've collaborated with Chris for years, and took his coaching program this year. After a conversation with Chris I feel inspired to build and improve. He makes it seem like no problem is too big. His program helped me identify barriers to my success and clarify what I wanted to achieve.

Zac Finger


“Chris was a highly effective coach. He helped me identify areas in my business development approach that could be significantly improved. He empowered me to make the decisions while guiding me. I benefited from his extension entrepreneurial and his strategies for staying focused with many competing tasks. Overall great experience.”

Jackson Burton


1-1 Coaching Helps

Time Management



Negative Self Talk



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